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Saturday, May 21, 2016

Where Is My Pair of Eyeglasses?

A slice of my life.
Where Is My Pair of Eyeglasses?
Revised: October 11, 2014

One day, I was so in a hurry to leave for work.
I had to not only because our shuttle bus would leave from UP Visayas Campus, Iloilo City to Miag-ao Campus, at 6:30 a.m., and on time.
Miag-ao is about forty five kilometers away from Iloilo City. And it is the main campus of the UP Visayas. It is also the main campus of the university library where the College of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences Library is also located. I was then the College Librarian of that College.
If I could not catch up with the shuttle bus, I had to take a jeepney.
Aside from paying more, I am scared of riding a jeepney because the drivers do not care whether their passengers are human beings or pigs, and so they drive their vehicle like the king of the road.
After eating my breakfast, I hurriedly put on my shoes, and picked up my bag. Then left.
But after five minutes, I went back home because I thought I left my pair of eyeglasses.
Without them, I could hardly read my emails, the office memo and all those things that I would like to read.
When I entered our home, my wife asked me why I went back.
"Did you forget something?" she said.
"Yes," I said, "I do no know where I put my pair of eyeglasses."
"Really," she said.
Then she laughed.
"Why? Is there something wrong?"
"Indeed, my dear," she said.
"You are looking for your eyeglasses, right?
"Come," she said. "Come to our mirror and see your face."
I scratched my head. I then noticed that I was wearing my eyeglasses.
Hurriedly, I left our home.
When I reached our university city campus, our shuttle bus had already left for Miag-ao.

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