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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Maria Leonica N. Orbista: A Multi-Talented Young Lady

Maria Leonica N. Orbista: A Multi-Talented Young Lady
by Melchor F. Cichon
March 15, 2015

My usual duty at Aklan Catholic College in Kalibo, Aklan is Friday and Saturday. But because I had to attend an important meeting, I asked permission that I would report for work one day before my work schedule. And my decision to work earlier was a blessing in disguise. There was a Broadway Musical presentation at ACC.
There I learned that there are a lot of talented students at Aklan Catholic College, Kalibo, Aklan. I noticed this when I saw their Broadway Musical Presentation on March 5, 2015.
One of those talented students was Miss Maria Leonica N. Orbista. She turned 20 on March 8, 2015.
A native of Libacao, Aklan, Leonica is the only child of her parents, also natives of Libacao, Aklan.
She noticed her talent in music when, at about three or four years old, she could compose songs. Because she could not still write, she asked her friend to write the lyrics of her songs. Since then she has been composing songs and writing their lyrics. That was also the beginning of her love for poetry. Some of her poems can be read in her Facebook account.
When she was in the grade schools, she was asked to join in a contest on nature wherein the tune must have a lyric. She composed the song, and wrote its lyric herself. In her high school days, she joined in the pop song and dance competitions. Because of her singing talent she represented their town in regional athletic meets. She also joined in the regional oration contests.
I asked her if she has recorded her songs, and she said that she has posted her songs in her Facebook account. One time, she said she collaborated with her Scottish boyfriend in recording one of her songs, but the recording was not pushed through because they broke up.
She wanted to enroll at the College of Music, University of San Agustin, but her father did not like it. So she enrolled at Aklan Catholic College, Kalibo, Aklan. And it was a blessing in disguise.
This college, she said, has been giving her much opportunities to excel in her talents.
In her first year college at ACC, she joined the editorial staff of their school organ, The Aklan Collegian, as a lay-out artist. And two of her articles were published there. One of which is entitled: Aklan's Nito Industry: Paving its Way to the Top (Aklan Collegian, June-October 2013, p. 18). Also at ACC, she represented her school in the PRISAA oration contests.
When the ACC presented its successful broadway musical presentation on March 5, 2015, Leonica was its lead performer. She sung, she danced, and she delivered oratory pieces.
When I asked her what else she wants to accomplish, she said that she wants to teach. But she said that after she has taken her BSE degree, she wishes to take up some units in psychology and business management so that she will have better understanding of people's characteristics and she would have more knowledge on how to deal with them. And then she would go abroad, perhaps in Australia so she could extend more helps to her fellowmen. "What's the use of having so much talents or resources if you cannot share these with others? Just like our Lord, Jesus Christ, who shares his overflowing love and talents to everyone even to those who condemn him. It is my passion to help those people who have less in life and who have no opportunity and strength even just to take care of themselves."
She further said that she loves to sing because she feels that she is free when she is singing.
"Where did you get all these inspiring thoughts", I asked her.
"From my surroundings. I observe them closely. And I reflect on them when I am alone. And perhaps from my grandfather, Mamerto Orbista. He is an architect."
"Perhaps this is the result of your being away from your parents," I told her.
"Not at all,"she said. "I have these wisdom that have been developed in me through my constant evaluation of what's going on around me. But let it be known that I truly love my parents. And they do not forget me. My father has built me our house where I have lived with my grandmother. And he shoulders, along with my grandfather, my educational expenses. My father lives with his wife, not my mother, in our town, but in a different barrio."
Aside from singing and composing songs, Leonica loves photography, dancing, declamation, and playing guitar, and painting. She hopes to learn to play violin.
Perhaps because of her many extra curricular activities, she has not been an academic scholar in college. But she said, "I could be."
"Anyway", I told her, "one can be an outstanding person after college if one has the determination to accomplish his dream."
Before I ended my interview with her, she asked me for five points to remember. I told her:
1. Take care of your health. That's the greatest wealth anyone can have.
2. Learn more and more knowledge everyday. That's the greatest opportunity to do while we are still alive.
3. Share your knowledge to anyone who needs it. This will be your greatest contribution to mankind.
4. Be kind to everyone, even to your enemy. That's the best bridge you can get to attain happiness. And note that there is no happiness without wisdom.
5. Love your parents. Without them, you are not here.

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