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Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Some Aklanon Writers




Angelo Bautista Ancheta is a software developer and a freelance writer from Rizal, Metro Manila. He occasionally writes short fiction and poetry. His mother is from Aklan.


Julien R. Angor hay dati nga kabulig nga editor ag artist it New Horizon (Osmeña High School, Manila) ag nagtuon sa Aklan College sa Kalibo, Aklan, kon siin imaw nangin editor it Aklan Collegian. Ra binaeaybay nga Manok hay nabalhag sa Ani, Dec 1991.

Ernan Baldomero is from Sta. Cruz-Lezo, aklan. He was born on December 9, 1979. According to him, he is a BioIncidental politician, activits, blogger, journalist, copywriter, and webdeveloper. He is also a coffee and internet addict. His website is


John Barrios hay matawag nga multi-talented nga Akeanon. Bukon eang it manogbinaeaybay si John kundi pintor, artista, ag editor. Ra mga binaeaybay hay nabalhag sa Pagbutlak (opisyal nga publikasyon it mga estudyante it CAS, University of the Philippines in the Visayas (UPV), Miag-ao, Iloilo); Ani 21 (1993), Patubas (1995) ag sa Mantala (2000), Homelife, SanAg (2002) ag sa Hiligaynon. Isaea imaw sa founding members it Akeanon Literary Circle. Nagdaog imaw it Second Prize sa Bigkas Binalaybay 2002 nga gindumaea it UPV Sentro Ng Wikang Filipino. Isaea imaw nga editor it Bueabod, ro poetry journal it ALC. Ro ana nga binaeaybay The Mosquito hay nagdaog it first prize sa English category sa 1994 Miag-ao Summer Arts Camp. Natawo si John sa Lezo pero nagbahoe imaw sa Kalibo. Makaron hay propesor imaw sa UP High School Iloilo.


Joi Barrios, Ph D in Filipino, is an Aklanon but she writes in English and Tagalog.  She teaches Filipino and Philippine literature at the University of California, Berkeley.


Renelyn Beglinger-Vallejo is married to a Swiss national and they now live in Switzerland. She was born in Ochando, Banga, Aklan.


George T. Calaor hay natawo sa Malay ag isaea sa mga nagpundar it Akeanon Literary Circle. Fellow imaw sa 24th UP National Writers Workshop in the Visayas. Nagdaog imaw it third prize sa Hiligaynon category sa National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) All-West Visayan Poetry Competition. Hara ro anang ginpadae kakon nga write-up. George was born on May 22,1967 at Notre Dame Hospital in Cotabato City. He was a founding member of Akeanon Literary Circle, Fellow 24th UP National Writers Workshop in the Visayas, and third prize winner in National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) All-West Visayan Poetry Competition (Hiligaynon category). His entry was Pinatubo nga Kasakit. Some of his poems were published in Bueabod and were anthologized in Ani Aklanon and in Patubas. George writes poetry in Akeanon, Filipino, Hiligaynon and English. He is also involved in all-gays theatre group in Aklan: Butterfly Mobile Theatre Group. He was the script writer and director of Poetry in Motion a la musical stage play “Puta at Ako; Pitong Mukha Bakla, Heretotell. George has a degree in Bachelor of Secondary Education at the Aklan College now Aklan Catholic College. George was also affiliated with the following organizations: NUSP-Aklan, CEGP-Aklan, Aklan

College Supreme Student Council, Guild of Aklan Student Councils, and Alyansa it mga Kabataan nga Ehemplo ku Atong Nasyon (founding chair) . He was also a former Youth

Congressman of Aklan. George is the founding vice chairperson of Sub-eak (local organization of Aklanon lesbians, gays, bisexual and transgender) and current Chairperson of Bagong Alyansang Makabayan (BAYAN) Aklan Published works: OWA NABATIAN NGA TANGIS, OWA'T SUEOD NGA PINGGAN, SAKADA, HAMPANG BALAY-BALAY, EANSANG NGA LAPIS. Address: Poblacion, Malay, Aklan, Philippines


Pett Regno Candido hay dati nga radioman and computer–lecturer ag nangin adviser it Akeanon Literary Circle. Ra bilding nga Pett’s Place hay ginhimo nga Poet’s Place it mga miyembro it ALC. May libro imaw nga Far Beyond Eternity (1987). Ra mga binaeaybay hay nabalhag sa ag sa Ani 21. He died in 2004.


Cirilo Castillon hay natawo sa Badio, Numancia ku September 12, 1948. Makaron hay igto imaw sa U.S.A. Aktibo nga tawo sa pagsueat it komposo ag binaeaybay nga Inakeanon. Kaabuan ku ana nga sinueatan hay mabasa sa Sakay Eon Kamo sa Kangga ni Tata_Goloy sa Kilaea sa hayo nga Tata Goloy, si Cirilo hay sangka philanthropist.


Melchor Francisco Cichon is the Chief Librarian, St. Paul University Iloilo. Prior to this, he was the Head, College of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences Library, U.P. in the Visayas, Miag-ao, Iloilo. He was born in Sta. Cruz, Lezo, Aklan and was educated at the University of the Philippines where he obtained his Certificate in Fisheries, Certificate in Governmental Management, Master in Management, and Master in Library Science. He used to teach management courses at the College of Management, U.P. in the Visayas, Iloilo City. He took his Bachelor of Science in Education, major in Library Science and minor in English at the Manuel L. Quezon University, Manila. His works include Ham-at Madueom Ro Gabii (Bakit Madilim ang Gabi?), Philippine Oddities, Love Can Find a Way and Other Proverbs on Love, and Sobriquets. He maintains the website, Aklanon Literature (http// His awards: First prize, first Home Life poetry contest,1994. First Aklanon CCP grantee for Aklanon poetry in 1994. Third prize, Sentro Ng Wikang Filipino, U.P., essay writing contest, 1994; 2nd prize (Aklanon category) and 3rd prize (Filipino category), National Commission for the Culture and the Arts poetry contests; 3rd prize in Hari/Hara Sang Binalaybay (King /Queen of Poetry), 1998 poetry contest sponsored by U.P. in the Visayas Sentro ng Wikang Filipino; 1st prize in a regional poetry writing contest sponsored by the Sentro Ng Wikang Filipino, U.P. in the Visayas, Iloilo City, February 22, 2002. On August 25, 2001, he was a recipient of the 2001 Gawad Pambansang Alagad ni Balagtas Award presented to him by the Unyon ng mga Manunulat sa Filipinas (UMPIL). On July 22, 2004, he received the Chancellor's Award for the Most Outstanding Reseach, Extension and Professional Staff of the University of the Philippines in the Visayas, the first Aklanon to receive such award.


Rommel J. Constantino is a graduate of the U.P. in the Visayas, Iloilo City. He now teaches in Aklan Catholic College (ACC), Kalibo, Aklan. He writes poems and directs stageplays at ACC. He is also into fashion designing.


Allan F. Corro. Sa ulihi ko nga impormasyon, si Allan hay nagturo sa Daja Sur National High School sa Banga, Aklan. Ro ana nga binaeaybay hay mabasa sa Ani 21.


Alexander D. De Juan was born on on October 17, 1976 in Kalibo, Aklan. He was once the Vice-Chair of Akeanon Literary Circle (ALC) and one of the editors of Bueabod, the literary journa; of ALC. His poem, Bakit si Xela ay Nagdighay Pagkatapos Mag-inom ng Cole was chosen as one the best poems in Isagani Cruz’ Critic’s Choice (April, 1994), Starweek. In 2010, his anthologies of poems were published in Kalibo, Aklan. His political view says it all: “Aren’t we the President of ourselves?”

AL FLOGIO DELA CRUZ studied at the Ecclesiastical Faculties of the University of Sto. Tomas, Manila while undergoing Religious formation with the Order of St. Augustine in Guadalupe Viejo, Makati. He currently serves as the Secretary to the Sanggunian of the Municipality of Balete, Aklan, a position he held for the past 25 years. He is also serves as the concurrent Municipal Administrator thereof. His discipline is Philosophy but his interest includes visual arts, photography and the literary arts. His years of work and exposure to the Baleten-on community which was without credible written history that would pass the standards of scholarship has prompted him to dig dusty archives and surf digital libraries for some extant manuscripts. His essays are now accepted in the academic circle as the credible source of local history.

His book, Sa Gihapon: Binaeaybay Para sa Engkantada it Manaya-nayang Banwa” was published in 2015 and is written in Akeanon and English, a polyglot work of bits and pieces of history, folklores, anecdotes and aspirations rendered in both metered and free verse.

Some of his thoughts are etched in his blogs at and as well as in his Instagram and Facebook accounts.

He is father to four beautiful daughters and married to the equally beautiful former Mylah R. Manocan.

Roman A. de la Cruz hay editor, historian, short story writer, textbook writer, grammarian, lexicographer, lay worker. Imaw ro editor-publisher it Aklan Reporter, ag author it masunod nga libro: Life With the Family (2001), For the Child King: An Image and a Song (2001), Out of Too Much Grief (2001), Town of A Thousand (1993), Concordance on the Triune God (1997), Alone Along A Lonely Road (1973; 1987); Perceptions (c1998; 3rd printing, 2001), Is Christ God? (c1981, 3rd printing, 2001). Ro ana nga multi-lingual dictionary ro pinaka-importante nga kontribusyon nana sa Aklanon language. Imaw ro ginatawag nga Dean of Aklanon Journalists.


Sumra I. de la Cruz hay bukon eang it manogbinaeaybay kundi isaea sa ginakilaea nga pintor it Aklan. Unga imaw ni Mr. Roman de la Cruz.


Vellyzarius I. de la Cruz hay isaea sa mga produktibo nga manunueat sa Aklan. Lima eon ka libro ro ana nga naobra: The Office; The Loved One; With Hope Undying; Earth Glare; ag Poems in Priase of God. Ro Akeanon nga binaeaybay ni Velly hay mabasa sa Ani 21.

Leo Franco B. de la Ostia hay nagtapos sa Science Development National High School sa Kalibo ag nagtuon sa John B. Lacson Colleges Foundation sa Iloilo City. Ro binaeaybay nana nga Ro Abilidad It Tawo ag A, Tao A! hay mabasa sa Ani 21.


Mila dela Rosa is a nurse, a singer-composer, a poet, and an author of children’s books.  She was born in Lezo, Aklan. In 2020, her first book, When I Fall in Love: Haiku, Luwa, Tongue Twister, and Other Poems, was published. Her website is;


Abou Ben G. Dianco hay nagtuon it civil engineering sa Aklan College kon siin imaw nangin English literary editor it Aklan Collegian.


Edna Romulo Laurente-Faral was born in Batan, Aklan, and is now residing in Florida. She finished B. S. Chemistry in Adamson University/Manila and completed her academic units in Master in Public Administration in PUP/Manila. She took up her elementary education in Batan and her high school at Kalantiaw Institute. A proud Batangnon, she extends the Filipino culture through dancing. She dances with the Tampa, Florida-based Philippine Performing Arts Company (PPAC) and the Indak Pambata. She devotes her time in volunteering. She is a volunteer of Hands On Tampa Bay (HOT), a volunteer program of United Way of Tampa Bay and a St. Stephen Steward. She can be contacted through her email address:


Jay Jose Feliciano is from Kalibo, Aklan. He is presently working in Alaska, USA.


Ellamae Fernandez was born on April 18, 1986. She is from Lezo, Aklan.


Jed Nykolle Harme is a spoken word poet of Titik Poetry and the president of AkLit - The Unspoken. She is a Senior High School student journalist that won various awards in Division and Regional levels for years. Last March, 2020, she won 2nd Place in her category during the National Schools Press Conference in Tuguegarao City, Cagayan. Jed is a Golden Pen Awardee of Regional English Circle 6 and an IWAG Awardee of the Philippine Information Agency. She became the first Spoken Word Champion of Binaeaybay, a Spoken Word Contest for Diez y Nueve Martires it Akean. She was also hailed as Champion during the Nationwide Poetry Writing Contest of Quexbook, participated with a thousands of high school students nationwide. She became one of the winners of spoken word contest from the Philippines Educational Theater Association (PETA) and became a fellow of Cavite Young Writer's Association Writing Workshop. She mostly spends her time doing feature articles and writing poems. Aside from being a writer, Jed is also an event organizer of art fairs and a youth volunteer with a heart for Mobile Photography. Her love for poetry has pushed her to publish 5 zines both printed and online named Ariwanas, Aplaya, Tabi-Tabi po, Babaylan and Mind Across.


Greg M. Ibesate hay dati nga editor-in-chief it The Forum, ro opisyal nga publikasyon it mga estudyante sa Northwestern Visayan Colleges, Kalibo. Ro mga binaeaybay nana hay mabasa sa Ani 21.


Rosela S. Ignacio hay dati nga literary/feature editor it Aklan Collegian. Ro ana nga binaeaybay nga Baeod hay mabasa sa Ani 21.


Dominador I. Ilio hay natawo ku 1913 sa Malinao. Nagtrabaho imaw bilang propesor sa hydraulics sa University of the Philippines College of Engineering bilang head sa Engineering Science Department ag Sekretaryo it andang kolehiyo. Tag nagatuon si Tay Doming ku anang MS in Hydraulics at the Univeristy of Iowa, nag-attend imaw sa poetry workshop ni Paul Engle. Pila sa mga libro ni Tay Doming hay:The Collected Poems of Dominador Ilio, Guerilla Memoirs (a novel), Madia-as (tales and legends in verse), The Katipunan in Aklan, and Vagaries of a Wild River. Makita ro mga binaeaybay ni Tay Doming sa


Kenneth Ilio hay taga-Malinao ag naghalin sa mga maaeam nga pamilya. Ra tatay, Dominador Ilio hay kilaea sa Philippine Literature. Si Ken hay nagtapos it Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from the University of the Philippines, ag Master of Philosophy Degree sa Massey University (New Zealand), ag Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Veterinary Science sa University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.


Jose Ronald Inguillo is one of the most prolific contemporary Aklanon poems. Born in Aklan, he serves in the military.


Ronnie A. Inventor hay nagtuon it civil engineering sa Aklan College ag kon siin imaw nag-umpisa it pagsueat. Ra mga binaeaybay hay mabasa sa Homelife ag sa Ani 21.

Nady Meren hay taga-Kalibo ag isaea sa mga founding members it Akeanon Literary Circle. Nagtapos imaw it engineering ag nagbueo it M.A. in Education sa Aklan College. Ra mga binaeaybay hay mabasa sa Ani 21


Robelyn Lasam Isturis-Danas is a graduate of Bachelor of Secondary Education - Major in English from the Philippine Normal University. At present, she is teaching at Sta. Cruz Biga-a Elementary School - Sta. Cruz Biga-a, Lezo, Aklan. Writing for her is therapeutic as she gets to release her thoughts and feelings through it. Moreover, she generously shares stories and other life lessons to anyone especially to the young ones to help them see what it is likely to happen in such situations. She was born in Lezo, Aklan.  Some of her haiku and luwa were featured in Matimgas nga Paeanoblion; anthology of poems written by Aklanons, edited by Melchor F. Cichon, 2011.


Phillip Yerro Kimpo (Phillip Kimpo Jr.) is a multi-awarded writer in English and Filipino, and a nationally recognized public servant. A graduate of the University of the Philippines Diliman’s College of Engineering, he is the former editor-in-chief of ABS-CBN’s Choose Philippines tourism property.

He won the Grand Prize in the Maningning Miclat Poetry Awards, one of the country’s top literary laurels, in 2013. He won Second Prize in the Talaang Ginto: Gawad KWF sa Tula (popularly known as the “Makata ng Taon”) in 2012. He is the first Aklanon to have won in both contests.

He has garnered fellowships to the country’s prestigious national writers workshops: UST in Manila (2008), IYAS La Salle in Bacolod (2009), Silliman in Dumaguete (2009), Iligan (2012), and the UP workshop for advanced writers in Baguio (2012).

He has authored eight books, as follows:

• álattalà (poetry, 2020)

The Freedom Fighters of Northern Luzon: An Untold Story (history, 2009);

Aklan: Land of the Finest, Land of the Fervent (tourism, 2017);

Malay, Aklan: The World’s Destination (tourism, 2018);

The Travel Guide to Malay, Aklan: The Best of Boracay and Beyond (tourism, 2018);

Aurulence: Aklan’s Golden Harvest of Entrepreneurs (governance, 2016);

Unang Paglalayag Paikot ng Daigdig ni Antonio Pigafetta (translation, 2017)

To the Marrow: Hospital Diary and other Essays by Romulo P. Baquiran Jr. (translation, 2015).

His book álattalà was published by the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) and Filipinas Institute of Translation and was included in the official national celebration of Buwan ng Wika and Buwan ng Panitikan 2020.

His poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and translations in both English and Filipino have been published in more or less 50 book anthologies, journals, magazines, and newspapers. He is the creator of the tourism tagline of his home province, used from 2016 to the present—“Feel Alive, Feel Aklan.”

He was the longest-serving president of LIRA, the oldest group of poets in Filipino, from 2009-2015, during which he also served as a director of UMPIL (Writers Union of the Philippines). He served as the director of the Pambansang Edukasyong Pampanitikan (PEP), a nationwide education outreach program which served 3,500 teachers and students across 35 towns. In 2011, he led LIRA to being declared as one of the Ten Accomplished Youth Organizations (TAYO) in Malacañang Palace. This was followed in 2012 by LIRA’s “poet-volunteers” being declared by the government as the Most Outstanding Volunteer Group for the National Capital Region.

He is the founder of The Aklan Literati (AkLit), president of the Aklan Historical and Cultural Society, and co-founder of the Aklan Madya-as Arts Festival. He is the founder and supreme convenor of the Pulong ng Kabataan.

In 2016, he was elected to a seat in the municipal council of Kalibo, Aklan. In the same year, he was named by ABS-CBN Lifestyle as one of the country’s “Nine Millennial Politicians to Watch For.” His record of public service has earned him several national recognitions. As a legislator, he writes his own resolutions and ordinances, two of which were featured as best examples in the nationally distributed Guidebook for Young Legislators (2020).


Sharon Concepcion Masula ay Asst. Prof. IV at Head, Dept. of Teacher Education sa Aklan State University-Ibajay Campus, Ibajay, Aklan. Ipinanganak siya sa Estancia, Kalibo, Aklan. Natapos niya ang kanyang kursong Bachelor of Science in Education major in Communication of Arts in Filipino sa Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila, Intramuros, Manila, at Master of Arts in Filipino sa Capiz State University, Manbusao, Capiz. Natapos niya ang Doctor of Philosophy in Filipino-Literature sa Manuel L. Quezon University, Quezon City. Una niyang nagampanan sa larangan ng pagsasalin ang Pinalawak na Batas para sa Senior Citizen Act 2010 sa wikang Hiligaynon taong 2014. Naatasan siya ng Presidential Communications Development and Strategic Planning Office na isalin ang APEC Primer mula sa Filipino patungo sa Akeanon na nagsimula noong Enero 15 hanggang Pebrero 25, 2015. Nagsilbing Language Reviewer para sa Grade 1 Contextualization Learner's Materials na ginanap sa Tanza Oasis Hotel, Tanza Cavite noong Hulyo 6-16, 2015 sa pamunuan ng DepEd-IMCS Evaluation Training Division. Dalawa na ang nalathala niyang aklat: Melchor F. Cichon and Sharon C. Masula, Raya Rang Pasalig, Parayaw; Ito ang Pangako ko, Mahal, 2018; Sharon Concepcion Masula. Kahalagahang Ispiritual, Politikal at Ekonomiya ng mga Obra Maestra ni Melchor F. Cichon, 2018. May flash fiction din siyang nalathala sa Liwayway Magazine.


Amzi V. Martinez was born in December 1976 in Balete, Aklan. He is presently working in Tofol, Lelu, Kosrae, Federated States of Micronesia as a Vocational Instructor.


Belle Nabor Nabor. Her haiku have been published the Mainichi Daily News, a world famous newspaper that prints haiku. Her other haiku were included in Sakura Anthology of Haiku published in Sweden along with other world famous haijin like Robert D. Wilson, Michael Rehling, an’ya, and 27 other poets, The Makata, Short Stuff, and in Poetry Country Mouse. Her popular blog,, that features her short poems: haiku, tanka, and cinquain, has been instrumental in her introduction to world haiku.


Chary Lou Navarro-Defante was born in Banga, Aklan on January 3, 1973 but grew up in Malinao. Losally now stays in Calvary, Alberta, Canada. She has been writing poems since high school. Her poems have been published in Hiligaynon, Yuhum, Home Life, Patubas, In Time Passing, Mantala and in the Philippne Daily Inquirer. A PhD graduate, Chary is married to Ricardo S. Defante II and they have one child, Karanah Miyas Raisha, her real “ masterpiece.” She resides in Canada with her sister, Losally.


Losally R. Navarro was born in Polo, Banga, Aklan, Philippines on January 3, 1973. She spent her elementary days in Navitas Elementary School. During her high school and college life, she went to study in Aklan College, Kalibo, Aklan. She graduated with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education in 1994. Writing is one of her passions in life aside from reading books, watching reality shows, surfing the net and traveling. She used to contribute articles for the Aklan Collegian, the school magazine of Aklan College. She's currently writing haiku in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Some of her haiku have been published in the Expressions of the You's section in Philippine Daily Inquirer. Her Christmas haiku collection were published in Makata, an international poetry ejournal. Her email address is


Cris Ocampo. Cris was born in Kalibo and finished his high school at Pilot Science Development National High School , (now Regional Science High School) in Kalibo, Aklan. A martial law baby, one can see his political ideas in his haiku and luwa.


Nita B. Payba hay taga-Altavas kon siin imaw nagaturo. Isaea imaw sa mga editors it Altavas Balita. Ro ana nga binaeaybay nga Sa Suba hay mabasa sa Ani 21.


Alrom Ricafuente is from Kalibo and has been writing poetry and flash fictions. His book, Angle’s Feathers; poems from Aklan, was published by Kasingkasing Press in 2020.


Joeffrey L. Ricafuente hay taga-Kalibo ag imaw ro founding chair it Akeanon Literary Circle. Si Joeffrey hay bukon eang it manogbinaeaybay kundi playwright ag fictionist. Nagturo si Joeffrey sa Aklan College.


Am I. Roselo. Si Am ro pinakabata nga miyembro it Akeanon Literary Circle, pero ra mga binaeaybay ni Am hay may mature sense. Makita ra sa mga binaeaybay nana nga nabalhag sa Ani 21. Nagtapos si Am sa Science Development National High School, Kalibo, Aklan.


Edmund Saldivia. He is a licensed engineer. He now works as a system analyst in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. He is a native of Kalibo, Aklan.


Monalisa T. Tabernilla hay natawo sa Makato, ag nagtapos it comparative literature sa UP in the Visayas. Ro mga binaeaybay ni Lisa hay nabalhag sa Philippine Graphic, Midweek, Diyarno Filipino, ag Home Life. Makita man ro ana nga mga binaeaybay sa Ani 21.


Nynn Arwena G. Tamayo hay naga-obra sa Agrarian Reform Program sa DAR-Aklan. Nagtrabaho man imaw sa Archbishop Gabriel M. Reyes Memorial Foundation. Ginatawag si Weng-Weng nga “Big Sister” it mga Akeanon writers. Ra mga binaeaybay hay mabasa sa Ani, sa SanAg, ag sa Bueabod. Ra binaeaybay nga Haead Kay Arsena ro matawag nga isaea sa pinakmayad nga binaeaybay nga ginsueat it sangka Akeanon.


Christian Tordecillas graduated from the University of the Philippines in the Visayas (UPV), Iloilo City and finished Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Major in Marketing (2004). He was once a Literary Editor of the UPV publication, "The Accounts".

His first one-act play, titled "Dyip" made him receive his first Carlos Palanca Memorial Awards for Literature for Dulang May Isang Yugto (2006). DYIP was first staged in Philippine Normal University by Speech and Theater Arts Guild in Education (STAGE) last January 2010, later on staged in many other schools in the country. The latest was last August 31 to September 1 from University of San Carlos Theatre Guild held at SM City Cebu. In June 2011, his play "Ordinary" won the Peace Theater Short Play Writing Competition organized by Dulaang University of the Philippines, Baguio (DUPB). His piece titled "Si Inda, ang Manok, at ang Mga Lamang-Lupa" added a feather in his cap when he received his 2nd Carlos Palanca Memorial Award for Literature under the category: Maikling Kuwentong Pambata (2011). Christian was also one of the fellows for the Virgin Labfest 9 Fellowship Program from June 25 to 30, 2013 held at the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) mentored by Glenn Mas. A portion of his work during the mentorship program entitled: "Ang Huling Stage Reading ni Romulo Dulah" was read on October 27, 2013 in CCP directed by Dennis Marasigan.


Topsie Ruanni F. Tupas Si Dr. Tupas hay nagtapos it MA, BA, cum laude, sa University of the Philippines in Diliman, Quezon City ag nagtapos it PhD sa National University of Singapore. Nagaturo imaw it Business Communication. Nagturo man imaw sa University of the Philippines in Diliman ag sa Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University in the United States. Nagaturo man imaw sa National University of Singapore kon siin imaw makaron. Tag sa UP Diliman pa si Dr. Tupas o si Tops sa mga amigo nana hay nagsueat imaw sa Inakeanon. Daywa sa ana nga binaeaybay hay nabalhag sa Patubas (1995): Ro Jawili ag Akeanon, ag Pangutana ni James sa Kaugalingon. Ro ulihi hay nabalhag man sa England. email address:


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