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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Non-Aklanons Teaching Aklanons About their Language

To our non-Aklanon language scholars/linguists who are teaching us about our Aklanon Language.

You can call e in Aklanon alphabet not a vowel but a consonant. That is your freedom.

But before teaching us about our language, take this challenge.

Write a poem or a short story in Aklanon without asking help from any Aklanon, have it published in Aklan Reporter. If it is published in that newspaper without any editing, then you can teach us Aklanons on what an Aklanon language is.

If you can pronounce these sentences the way Aklanons do, then teach us about our language; otherwise, mind your own business:

Ro kaeamay gaeapueot sa kaeaha.
Ro anwang gaeogaeog sa eogan-eogan.
Nahueog ro daehog sa eunangon nga eanas.
Ro eangaw nagpalibanaw sa eanggaw.

You may also apply as a radio reporter in one of our radio stations in Kalibo, Aklan and volunteer to report in Aklanon and if our people will not complain the way you pronounce our language, then you can teach us Aklanon language.

Another way is to apply in Aklan as a teacher in Grade One or Grade Two and teach our children in our mother tongue, and let us see how your fellow-teachers or their parents will react on how you teach Aklanon to our school children.

I have no quarrel whether the alphabet e in Aklanon language is a consonant or a vowel. In fact in the book Aklanon dictionary by Vicente Reyes et al it says that the letter e in Aklanon language is an Aklanon Fricative consonant.

The only problem is the non-Aklanons cannot pronounce Aklanon words like baeay or baeo or kabueobueo the way Aklanons pronounce them.

And that makes the problems if not the difference.

With that, non-Aklanon linguists or language scholars for that matter will tell us Aklanons that the e in our language is a consonant simply because they cannot pronounce it the way we Aklanons pronounce it. The ea is pronounced by them as ya at times ga, which is definitely wrong. Please read again the four sentences above so you will know what I mean.

I repeat: Write a poem or a short story in Aklanon and have it published in the Aklan Reporter WITHOUT ASKING ANY HELP FROM ANY AKLANONS. iF YOU CAN DO THAT, then teach us Aklanon language. For sure, some people will like it.
Otherwise, let the Aklanon linguists do it for you.
Not now, but someday.

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