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Saturday, May 23, 2020

Flash Fictions

I wrote the following flash fictions.


The Japanese soldiers were chopping the door of the ladies dormitory. When  Bishop Santos heard about it, he ran from the church to the dormitory to protect the ladies.

"Tie that Bishop and put him inside a sack," Captain Suho ordered. "And dump him into the river."

The Japanese soldiers forcibly entered the dormitory and grabbed the screaming ladies.

She keeps on roaming around the office.
“Ma’am, please sit down.”
“Let’s talk. That will ease your feelings.”
“What for? It’s too late.”
“What late? Why?”
“The Administrator has decided to replace me as head of this office.”
“What replace? Have you received a memo?”
“You’ve not reached 65 years old, right?”
“I don’t know!”


James had wanted to climb Mt. Manduyog.
For two weeks, he walked daily, slept early and ate more balanced diets.
When the day came for his climb, he was so excited.
He didn't mind stepping on the grasses, the flowers, and the stones on his way up.
When he reached the top, he just sighed.


At 23, Albert has dreamed of riding a car.
One day, Ledio, a friend, visited him.
To please Ledio, he climbed a coconut tree to get young green coconuts.
While atop the tree, he fell down.
Ledio saw everything. He called 166.
Near the hospital, Albert noticed he was inside an ambulance.
He wanted to move, but couldn't.
But he smiled.


Gina proceeded to a hospital when she reached Iloilo from Canada.
"Why did she go home this early?" her neighbors wondered.
Two days later, a taxi stopped in front of their house.
Her son-in-law carried her to her bed.
"Pet, love my only daughter."
Then she opened her hands and close her eyes.

Annie was invited by her fiance to visit him in Austria.
One day after her arrival in her fiance’s house, she called up her mother.
“Mother,” she said, “James has only one foot.”
“You are lucky my child,” her mother said. “Your father has six inches only.”


Motel sales: 50% discount per ride.
Shelly loves Peter. Peter loves John.
Babaye nag-eumpat sa swimming pool. Kalbo.
Gailabas. Gulpi nga nahueog ra postiso.
Gailabas, magkae gulping nahueog sa lamesa.
MIA Terminal: Balang tinanum sa maleta.
Pampaupa nga kwarto, kaibahan ra tag-ana.
Sangka kwarto, limang babaye, tatlong eaeaki.
Tinokhang baeay: Shabung tinanum sa aparador.

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