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Saturday, October 31, 2020

Saturday, October 24, 2020

The Boy Who Wanted to Swallow Santol Seeds

The Boy Who Wanted to Swallow Santol Seeds


Melchor F. Cichon

October 21, 2020


“Oh, Itsong, why did you come home only now?” inquired his father. “Isn’t it that your classes end at four in the afternoon? It’s already five thirty!”, his father added.

Before Itsong answered him, he first reached his father’s right hand to kiss it.
"God bless you, Anak."

“Tay, we passed by the house of our classmate, Ambeth,”  Itsong answered.  “They have a big santol tree in their backyard with too many ripe fruits. They are so sweet, Father. We even swallowed the seeds.”

“What! You swallowed the seeds? If these seeds will stock up in your throat, you will be gone forever!” his father warned him.

“Not really, Tay! They just slide down into my throat once I swallow them.”

“OK, go on swallowing more santol seeds! Don’t you know that santol seeds grow in the stomach? When that happens, you won’t be able to move. Santol will tear you into pieces!”

“Really, ‘Tay?”

“Yes! Now, go and change your clothes, then work on your assignments.”

“Yes, Tay.” And he proceeded to his room.

Itsong is Grade Three at Lezo Integrated School, in Lezo, Aklan, about a kilometer away from their house in Sta. Cruz, Lezo. He is the only child of Tatay Jose and Nanay Soriang. His father is a farmer and his mother, a weaver of abaca fiber. She turns these into mosquito nets. The wall of their house, which is along the highway, is made of bamboo and nipa leaves with nipa roofing and split bamboo for the flooring. It’s floor is about five feet above the ground. They use bamboo stairs to go up their house.

On school days, Itsong just walked back and forth to their school, although there were public jeepneys and tricycles in their area.  He saved the money being given to him as his fare. He deposited this in his bamboo bank on their wall for his birthday celebration. While reading his science book, Itsong  thought   of what his father just told him. But he believed that swallowing sandol’s seeds while eating it’s pulp, especially the seeds of the native big santol, is very satisfying.

So on the next day, he and his classmates again passed by the house of Ambeth and they again ate santol. Of course, Itsong again swallowed its seeds.  Unfortunately, the last seed that he swallowed stocked up at his throat. He kept on coughing, but the seed would not get out. He got nervous. Ambeth noticed the situation of Itsong. Immediately, Ambeth came to his rescue. He told Itsong to bend his neck, and in just one pound with his fist on Itsong’s nape, the seed came out. Itsong breathed deeply and thanked Ambeth for his help. But Itsong said that if Ambeth will again invite him and his classmates to pass by their house to eat santol, he would still come and eat santol and swallow its seeds.

Five minutes after that, Itsong went home. But before he left, Ambeth jokingly said that they would still eat santol the following day.

“Of course, I will!” Itsong said as he walked on his way home, “And swallow its seeds!”

When Itsong reached home, his father was standing in front of their house.

“Oh, you came home late again, Itsong. Perhaps, you again passed by the house of your friend, Ambeth.  And perhaps, they still have some more santol there.”

As usual, Itsong would first kiss his father’s hand before he would say anything to him.

“Yes, Father. Our classmates and I passed by the house of Ambeth and we again ate some santol there.  I really love to eat santol. I am just taking this opportunity because we can only eat santol once a year,” Itsong said. He remembered what happened to him earlier.

“OK. Continue eating santol and swallowing its seeds. If that seed will grow in your stomach, that’s the time when you will obey me.”

“That’s not true, Tay!”

“It’s up to you if you will not believe in me. But I have warned you. OK. Go inside now and change your clothes and then work on your assignments.”

“Thank you, Tay.” And he proceeded into his room.

After eating their supper, Itsong felt that something was moving inside his stomach. But he did not mind this. He went back to his room and went to sleep.

Usually, he would wake up at around six thirty in the morning. But this time, he woke up at five in the morning. He felt that something was moving inside his stomach. A few minutes after, he noticed that something was getting out of his right ear. He went in front of his mirror on the wall of his room to see what was coming out of his ear. And he saw that a fresh santol leaf was getting out of his ear. He wanted to call his mother, but another santol leaf was blocking his mouth so he could not say any word. He wanted to cry, but then fresh santol leaves simultaneously came out through his two eyes.  Then two other santol leaves sprouted out of his two noses. He wanted to run out of his room, but some hardy roots came out of his anus and penetrated through the floor of his room and penetrated to the ground. He was helpless, so he had to stand still as he felt his body being split out as the tree was steadily growing bigger.  He lost his consciousness.

At that time, Itsong’s mother was preparing their breakfast. And since she was through with her cooking, she went out of the kitchen to check Itsong in his room. She was shocked when she noticed that a santol tree was rapidly growing inside Itsong’s room and parts of Itsong’s body had been sliced into pieces. Her mother rapidly ran to her husband who was sleeping in the other room, and nervously informed him of what happened to Itsong. Immediately, Itsong’s father woke up and walked hurriedly at Itsong’s room and found the growing santol tree with some flesh of Itsong on its branches, hanging. By this time, the branches of the santol had penetrated through their rooftop. Itsong’s father just held his own forehead. And said, “I told him so! But he was hard headed!”


Thursday, October 22, 2020

Monday, October 19, 2020

haiku, a rocky man walks


a rocky man walks
on a rocky road
on a rocky day

Oct. 19, 2012

Sunday, October 18, 2020

poem, I Live Everywhere


I Live Everywhere

After my mother left me
Alone at Plaza Libertad 
I live
Under the waiting shed
Or along a busy street
And beg for my food
Never mind if my only clothes
Will stick with me for months

But I have a dream
I too want to sing
In America's Got Talent
Or write an immortal poem
And have it published in the Philippines Free Press
Never mind
If people will look away from me
When they cross my paths
***Melchor F.Cichon.
Oct. 18, 2020

Aklanon Idioms


Aklanon Idioms
As of December 9, 2007; Oct 11, 2016


batak ra eawasworkaholic
Abi-abi to welcome, give recognation
abu ra utokmahina ra utok
agawon ro kabuhi sa kamatayonsave live
Agihiseffiminate, from agi 
alanganinbakla, tomboy
Alas onselast minute; almost too late 
Alibangbang sa tiyanvery nervous 
alilang pikoykabit
alilang sawatraidor
Alsaha ring sikiRelax; do very light work 
ampaw nga eawasmabahoe apang maeuya
Anad eon karonused to it 
anaytago nga kaaway
anghel it panimaeaynanay
Ano gidSo what? What if? 
arelado eon ro kilayayos eon ro problema
asawa nga tueogmahueuy-on
bag-ong takasbag-o sa lugar; ignorante
Baho it Saeongodor of resin (lacks good relationship with others) 
baho't bawangmaeapit eon lang ikasae; maanghit
baho't tsikobaho't nakainom it whisky
Baidsharp, keen, intelligent 
Bakwangontall and skinny 
Balikan ko ikawwarning that someone will take a revenge
balitang kutserotsismis; owa't kamatuoran nga istorya
Balulangtall and skinny 
Bandying-bandyingsmall talk; preliminary discussion before getting into the point 
Bangaeshut someone up 
bantay-saeakaymanakaw sa butang nga ginpabantayan kana
basa ra papelmaeain ra rekord; indi masaligan
Basi bumagyoIt might storm (off key) 
bato nga inugpupok sa ueomga butang nga makasamad sa eawas
bato sa karsadamga tawong owa't mga pueos
Binaebae it hustoso tired that he/she is unable to continue doing something 
binawian it kabuhinamatay
Birona langIt’s OK 
Bitinleft hanging; to break a promise 
bukambibigperming ginahambae
bukas nga paeadmabinuligon
Buli moup your ass 
BulidA small child with bloated stomach 
crab mentality
Busay to patch up
Butang patono direction 
Dunsilyato devirginize 
Dyingolto urinate 
Eapaki ro kalibutanbe successful 
Eumapad ra dueongganattentive 
Eumokso ra mataextremely admire somebody 
Eupok to blow up; lose one’s temper 
Eupok it botseto blow up; lose one's temper; blow one's top 
Eusotto pass/ get through 
Feeling othersfeeling different from the group 
gaeangkon sin-o ro kaatubang, imaw ro mayad
Gakaeam ra dapa-dapadesire to travel 
Galibog rang ueoconfused 
gapamueo’t kwarta”spendthrift
Ginabayo ra dughanfake symphaty 
Ginaeagnat ra talibong (kon indi kaeabo)the desire to kill somebody with his bolo 
Ginagatunganpushing someone to get more angry 
Ginamane-mane eang ronit can easily be done; or can easily beat the opponent 
ginbawian it kabuhinamatay
Ginlampasoto defeat someone easily and by a large amount 
Gintakpan ra dueongganbored in listening to a conversation/lecture 
Gintubuan it hilamon ra sikiprefers to stay at home; homebody
haeapiton it buglitmoody
haeapiton it buglithaeapiton it buglit--moody
Haeodull, ignorant, hard of hearing 
Haeog ra tornilyocrazy 
hangae it kapaearanpagsamit it  Diyos
Hanginonair, boastful 
Hueata nga maeansangan ra kabaongwait until his death 
Hueogto fail ( in an exam or a course) 
Hukas-hukas it ueono fixed mind 
Ibididiot; fool; hard in hearing 
Ieapak mo ring daywang sikilet not your success or popularity spoils you 
Indi magbuhaysoon 
Indi mapatihan rang dueonggansurprising news 
Indi matueoncannot accept 
Indi mo ako pagsugiri karonUnacceptable explaination 
Ingko baboy kon magkaon (eumamon)eat too much 
Ingko linabo sa bato it happened as expected 
Inonsefooled; taken in 
inunat nga bitosskinny
Inunlanafterbirth; uterine fluid 
Isaea pafurthermore; and also 
Isaw-saw ring sikito try something new 
kabuhi't ueangkabuhi nga owa't kasigurohan
kaeaha it itsurastern-faced
Kanta kakonsomething that makes you very happy 
Kat datithe former; old ways 
kinakatlansexually excited
Kodegoto cheat; take for a fool 
Kon amatsometimes; from time to time 
Kon mahimoif possible 
Kon pwedeif possible 
Kon sarangif possible 
Kon sin-obig shot; highbrow; blueblood 
Konsa bagaywell, anyway; if it matters incidentally 
Kueabos it paeadunlucky 
Kueamogan illegitimate child 
kueang it sang kilocrazy
kueang it sang kiwacrazy
Kueang it sang-ilos, mahimong sang-kaeo moron, inadequate mentality 
Kueang-kueangcrazy; abnormal 
kumos taeforgetful, with Alzheimer's disease
limog it kuratsaindi haeos mabatian
Limpyo nga kunsinsyanot feeling guilty of whatever happened 
Linabo sa batoI told you so; as I said 
maadlos nga bayiflirty
mabaho it saeonguncompassionate
Mabahoe nga tawoan important or powerful person in a group or organization 
madamoe it uhayonshameless
maduea ra ueagto let someone do what he or she pleasesso the desire may die down
maeai’t ginhawawicked
Maeamig nga isdanot sociable person 
maeapit sa euwagfavoritism, patronage politics
Magtindog it eatayanto increase understanding between different people or groups 
Magtindog ka sa dugalingon mong mga sikibe on your own 
mahumok it ilongeasy to get
mainit it dapadapawanderer
makaeam it alimathief
Manipis ra dueongganundernourished 
Manok ag itlog nga situationcannot be decided which comes first 
Mapuga it dugo sa batotoo difficult to extract something from somebody 
Maski gakatueog akoI can do it very easily 
Maski gapiyong pa rang mataI can do it very easily 
Matag-od ro kabuhiNot to waste time on unimportant matter 
Matibay ra tiyannot feeling upset despite experiencing unpleasant thing 
Matig-a nga bagoe hard headed 
matig-a pa sa bakudstingy
May bakog rang tutunlandifficulty in speaking; somebody prevents me from talking 
May bangilcorruption; grease money
May daywang alipueosa brave person 
May iba ako nga ginaprito.something more important thing to do 
may katoesexually excited
may mantsa ro dungogdishonored
May tagipusuon nga batoheartless 
May tagipusuon nga mamonkind hearted 
Mukeatto realize 
nagakurog eon ra babamagueang eon
Nagdueom ro panueoklose consciousness 
Nagpabomboto attract attention 
Nagtakop ra mga kilayget very angry or upset 
Nagtindog rang baeahiboextremely frigthened 
Nangaha't sangka kaeaeaw vehemently refused 
Owa ako kasayod kon matangis o mahibayagextremely upset on a situation 
Owa eon it maeapakancrowded area 
Owa ka pilahiit did not take long 
Owa’t balenever mind; it’s OK 
Owa’t huyashameless; faceless 
Owa't gawayway nga buhokvery neat 
Owa't sueod nga tiyanhave not eaten anything 
Owa't sueoksukanone who doesn't care 
Owa't ueong manokdoing a thing without proper thinking 
Pabadlisto get ash (on Ash Wednesday) 
Pabungoe-bungoeito ignore someone when they complain or ask for something 
Padat-oeto give up; let oneself be beaten 
Padilus-usto marry one’s younger sister-in-law, after one’s wife dies 
Paeanindog ro baeahibo goose bumps 
paeapaea it owa't kasiguruhanowa't kasiguruhan
Pahilay-hilayto rest a while, lie down for a short nap 
Pahiminoto travel far and wide; have smooth sailing on a long journey 
Paligoy-ligoyto beat around the bush 
Palihogplease; may I ask a favor 
Palikis-likisconfuse; to get someone mixed up 
pangabuhi't haribuganang pangabuhi
Panimbangto adjust one’s personality or ways to others 
panit it anwangowa't huya
panit it sibuyasmasinungguron
Pasaguyodsto play a glissando or ru on the piano 
Pasugtigive freedom to do what he/she wants to do 
Pataktak it bokbokhouse blessing 
Pilang kasome; a few of 
Pinaeadlucky; fortunate 
Pinarito try to convince people of things actually are not true 
Relax langkeep cool 
Sa kapilahaneventually; ultimately 
sa siniad-siad nga kaeangitanin prison
Saeandigan nga abagasomebody to lean on; a sympathetic person 
Sagapgathered information; statistics 
Sagudsudto drag one’s feet ; to dance ungracefully 
Sample pa eang rona tip of the iceberg 
Sangkiri it buot easily gets annoyed 
Sangkoe not enough 
Sangkurotlittle, few,little bit 
Sigasomeone who shines; a bully person 
Sige naOh, come on (generally used to get something or get permission) 
Singgit sa PlutoSinggit sa Pluto
Sueayto brave the rain 
Suesueto ignite; to enrage; to influence a person with anger 
Sumpa ko gidI swear it; cross my heart 
Tabuebogdull; stupid 
Talikodto turn one’s back 
Tangis it ungalong crying; cry a lot 
Tangtanga ccept a gift with some reluctance 
Tapos gidbe finished 
Tin-adimproving financially 
Tinapos rang adlawmade my day
Tubi panot up to the position or a job; not ready; not good enough 
Tue-an eondead and gone 
Tueop sa hanginimpossible dream 
Tuliup you ass (when one gets fed up with a conversation or refuses to hear or believe a person, he might utter that expression 
Tumuwad man ro ati no way! 
Tungang gabiinot clear; cannot comprehend
ugabhang ra ueostupid
Ulihing tubo younger generation
Umalagwaleave quickly 
Upawto be flat broke 
Urit eoncall it a day
utok bulinawstupid
uyahon it Viernes Santoworried, lonely