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Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Mr. Melchor Francisco Cichon as A Writer

Mr. Melchor  Francisco Cichon as A Writer

Mr. Melchor F.Cichon, 60, College Librarian III and Head, College of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences Library, University of the Philippines in the Visayas has been working in the University of the Philippines Library for more than 30 continuous years.
But he is not just an ordinary librarian.
He is also a local historian, a teacher, a feature writer, an organizer, and a poet of par excellence. John Eremil Teodoro, a Palanca awardee,  calls him as the “Father of Aklanon Poetry”, while Dr. Leoncio P. Deriada, Known as the Father of Modern Written Literature of Western Visayas, calls him as the “Leading Aklanon Poet”.
This write-up focuses on Mr. Cichon as a creative writer.

I. As a Feature Writer. Mr. Cichon has published several articles on various topics and short biographies of famous Filipinos. He wrote articles on instant bagoong, termite as feed or food, the pinya industry in Aklan. He wrote short biographies of Prudencia Conlu, Leoncio Deriada, Agustin Umali, Deogracias Villadolid, Pedro Pidlaoan, Albert Herre, Pedro Domantay, Edna L. Faral, Levi Mercado, and Pepito Fernandez, Sr.
II.                As a Poet.
1. He made many firsts for Aklanon writers.
a.            He won First Prize in the first Home Life Poetry contest with his entry, A Letter.
b.            He was the first Aklanon to receive a writing grant from the Cultural Center of the Philippines.
c.             His poem, Inay, was the first Aklanon poem to be published in the Philippine Collegian.
d.            His poems, Ham-at Madueom Ro Gabii, Inay, and Ambeth, were the first and second Aklanon poems to be published in the Philippine Panorama.
e.             He was also one of the first Aklanon whose poems in Aklanon were published in a national journal, Ani.
f.             He was one of the two of the first Filipinos to be published in an international haiku journal, Heron’s Nest, vol. 1V, No. 9, September, 2002.
g.            His Aklanon poem was one of the first Aklanon poems to be published in London, Modern Poetry in Translation, New Series, No. 9, Summer, 1996. King’s College London.
h.            His translation of the Philippine National Anthem is the first Aklanon translation on our national anthem (see, Everything Aklan section). It is also found in Makata, December 2003
i.              His website Aklanon Literature features almost all forms of Aklanon literature. As of June ,2005,  it has been visited more than 13,000 times since March 2001. This website features Aklanon riddles, legends, short stories, poems, luwa, hueobaton or maxims, and short profiles of Aklanon writers.
j.              He wrote the first book on Aklanon poems, Ham-at Madueom Ro Gabii? (Bakit Madilima ang Gabi?), 1991.
k.             He was the first Aklanon to attend the national creative writing workshop conducted by the late Edilberto Tiempo and his wife, Edith Tiempo, in Dumaguite City.
l.              He was also the first Aklanon poet to attend the national creative writing workshop in Iligan,  Third Iligan National Writers Workshop and Literature Teachers Conference in 1996
m.           He represented Aklan in two national writers assemblies, one in Cebu and another in Intramuros, Manila, June 29, 1998
n.            He is the first Aklanon Gawad Pambansa Alagad in Balagtas awardee.
o.            His maxim . “Raise your voice and your dignity is lowered.—“ is compiled in - 64k along with the maxims  of  world famous people like Aristotle, Ralph Waldo Emerson, William Shakespeare, George Bernard Shaw, Bertrand Russel, Martin Luther King, Mark Twain, Alexander Pope, Albert Einstein, and others.
2. As Organizer:

a. He was one of those who was instrumental in the founding of the Akeanon Literary Circle, where he served as one of its advisers. Through this circle, four creative writing workshops were held in Aklan, which was attended by more than one hundred young writers.  Dr. Leoncio Deriada, considered as the Father of Modern Written Literature in Western Visayas, directed the workshops. The results of the workshops were published in the special issue of Ani, the literary journal of the Cultural Center of the Philippines. The Circle also sponsored book launchings, like that of the work of Dominador Ilio. (see Buebod issues)
b. He helped found, Bueabod, the literary journal of Akeanon Literary Circle, and served as its senior editor. This one-page journal featured the poems of John Barrios, Alex de Juan, Roman de la Cruz, Dominador Ilio, Melchor F. Cichon, and others. Aside from being anthologized in Ani, Mantala, and Patubas, some of the poems here were judged as the best poems of the month in Isagani Cruz’s column, Critic at Large.
c. Founder and first Auditor of The Ilonggo Literature Archive, Inc., an organization of creative writers in Western Visayas. One of the major accomplishments of this organization was the launching of the website: Ilongo Literature Archive (now out of site), and the publication of ILA Lang na Tanan, Aton man ina gihapon…),  a literary folio, where Mr. Cichon was the editor.

Awards/Citations received:

a.                   Gawad Pambansang Alagad ni Balagtas (for Aklanon poetry), UMPIL, Quezon City, 2001. The first among Aklanon writers.
b.                  First Prize, First Home Life poetry contest, 2001
c.                   Outstanding Alumnus, Lezo Elementary School, Lezo, Aklan, April 1, 2001
d.                  Certificate of Appreciation, Alpha Phi Omega International Collegiate Service Fraternity and Sorority, Kappa Gamma , for unselfishly supporting the organization by sharing his time and talent as one of the Chief Judges during the Paindisanay 2003, a literary musical contest held on September 5, 2003, UPV Auditorium, Iloilo City.
e.                   Third Prize, Premyo Operiano Aujero Italia: Hari/Hara sang Binalaybay ’98, March 13, 1998, UPV auditorium, Iloilo City
f.                   First Prize, Regional Poetry Contest, written professional category, February 2002, sponsored by Sentro ng Wikang Filipino, UP in the Visayas, Iloilo City. Winning piece: Si Ambong Ati.
g.                  Second Prize, Aklanon Category, NCCA All-West Visayan Poetry Contest, 1994.
h.                  Third Prize, Filipino Category, NCCA All-Visayan Poetry Contest, 1994.
i.                    Writing Fellow, National Summer Creative Writing Workshop, Dumaguete City, 1991.
j.                    Writing Fellow, Third Iligan National Writers Workshop and Literature Teachers Conference in 1996.
k.                  Writing Fellow, Creative Writing, 3rd Miag-ao, Summer Arts Camp, May 22-26, 1993, U.P. in the Visayas, Miag-ao Campus, Iloilo.
l.                    Writing Fellow, Baguio

List of Publications:

Deriada, Leoncio P., Cichon, Melchor F., Candido, Pett, Ricafuente, Joefrrey L. and  Meren, Nady M., editors. Ani aklanon, a special issue of Ani, vol. 7 (1) December 1993.
Patugmahanon sa Inakeanon. 2005. unpublished.
Cichon, Melchor F. Ham-at Madueom Ro Gabii (Bakit Mdilim ang Gabi?); a collection of Aklanon poems with Filipino translations. Kalibo, the Author, 1999. Printed by Macar Enterprises, Kalibo, Aklan.  92p.
Cichon, Melchor F. Love Can Find a Way. Iloilo City, the Author, 2003.  44 p.
Cichon, Melchor, Edna L. Faral, and Losally Navarro, eds. Haiku, Luwa and Other Poems by Aklanons. Kalibo, Macar Enterprises. 2005.

Other Works by Melchor F. Cichon.

Barrios, John E., Cichon, Melchor F., and Ilio, Dominador I. Katipunan in Aklan.  Manila, National Historical Commission, 1997. 87p. (Printed by Makinaugalingon Press, Iloilo City).
Cichon, Melchor F. Philippine Oddities. Makati: Electromedia Ph. 2001. (An electronic book)
Cichon, Melchor F., Bandorio, Ninfa L., and Posecion, Mara M. compilers and editors. Thesis abstracts: food technology, 1983-1999.  Miag-ao, Iloilo, College of Fisheries Library and SOTECH Library, University of the Philippines in the Visayas, 1999. 61 leaves.
Laureta, Liberato V., Catedrilla, Leah C., and Cichon, Melchor F., editors.  Research abstracts 1982-1994. Miag-ao, Iloilo, Institute of Aquaculture, College of fisheries, University of the Philippines in the Visayas, 1996. 100p.
Serrano, Augusto E., Jr. and Cichon, Melchor F., editors.  University of the Philippines in the Visayas Research and Publications abstracts, 1987-1993. Miagao, Iloilo, Office of Research Coordination, University of the Philippines in the Visayas, 1994. 82p.
Websites on fisheries. 2005. unpublished.

Articles/essays  in Magazines/Newspapers

A trip to Bohol’s History, Nature and Culture. Paarl Newsletter (3):3-4  July-September 2003.
Agustin Umali: A distinguished Filipino Ichthyologist. Otolith 4(1);15 January-March 1997.
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Book Review: Technical consideration for the Management and Operations of Intensive Prawn Farms. UPV Newsletter, October 1989, p. 5
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Poems in other books and magazines


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Poems in English/Filipino

A Letter. In: In Time Passing, There Are Things: 100 Home Life Poets, edited by Leoncio P. Deriada. Makati City: Home Life, 2000, p. 86. (this poem won first prize in the Home Life first poetry contest)
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Poem in a Textbook

Emergency Room (Aklanon). In: Libertad Bayotas-Chua. Philippine Literature: (Focus: the Literature of Western Visayas). 2nd edition. Printed by Print World Printing Press,c2003, p. 104-105

Short Stories in newspapers/book

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Sa Kamaisan (Aklanon). The Aklan Reporter, October 29-November 4, 1998, p. 8.

Filename: itsong//Lingkod ng bayan, April 3,2003

*I wrote this profile in 2003 when UPV endorsed me to Lingkod ng Bayan award. I was not lucky though.

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