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Friday, April 10, 2020

Evelyn Nabor Revestir: A Pride of Lezo, Aklan

Evelyn Nabor Revestir: A Pride of Lezo, Aklan
By Melchor F. Cichon
November 24, 2012
Can we predict whether a child will grow to be an achiever or not?
I do.
What could be my bases?
First, if that child is healthy both in body and mind.
And she/he has developed self-confidence and dedication in whatever he/she does.
I am thinking of a lady achiever from Lezo, Aklan. Her name is Evelyn Nabor Revestir.
She came from a family of achievers.
Consider the following. Her father, the late Gabriel Navarrete Gubatina Nabor was a painter, sculptor and teacher, while her mother is Mrs. Adela Cezar Isidro Ibuyan. Her brothers are Rev. Fr. Jerome I. Nabor and the late Gabriel I. Nabor, a B.S. Architecture, UP Diliman, Quezon City graduate. Her sister is Mary Grace N. Cajels, a B. S. Nursing, now in Brooklyn , New York, USA.
Early in her studies, Evelyn had already shown her top caliber intelligence. From Grade I to Grade V, she was always their First Honors and when she graduated in her elementary grades, she was their Valedictorian.
Her academic achievements did not stop there. She graduated as Magna cum laude with the Highest Distinction in Religion when she received her BS in Commerce, Major in Accounting degree at the Aklan College, now the Aklan Catholic College, Kalibo, Aklan.
Even before she graduated from college, Evelyn employed as a working student at De Paul Community Credit Union, Kalibo, Aklan; Aklan College Employees Cooperative, and at Aklan College Treasurer’s Office as a bookkeeper.
Immediately after her graduation from college, Evelyn worked  as a bookkeeper in Rural Bank of Buruanga (Aklan), Inc., then as an Accountant at Rural Bank of Lezo (Aklan), Inc., in Lezo, Aklan, and retired as manager of UCPB Rural Bank, Inc, in Lezo, Aklan.
With this background, I have no doubt that whatever endeavor Evelyn or Eve will get into, she will surely give her best, most especially when it comes to public service.

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